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Meet Alyxandria!

Alyxandria, affectionately known as Alyx, shines as an exceptional Bridal Stylist here at Legacy Bridal Boutique. Her profound love for love and her heartfelt bond with her brides are truly extraordinary. Her warm and zany personality effortlessly brings smiles to those in her presence. When Alyx is your Stylist, get ready for an enjoyable and vibrant shopping experience that will leave you feeling absolutely wonderful.

What is Your Role at Legacy Bridal?


As a Legacy Bridal Stylist, my role is all about crafting an unforgettable experience for my brides that are filled with inspiration, care, and love while we find “the one”.

What Made You Want to Work in Bridal?


My journey into the bridal world was ignited by a deep love for helping people embrace their inner beauty. There's something incredibly powerful about being a part of a bride's transformation as she finds "the dress" – the one that makes her light up with joy and confidence. It's a privilege to witness the dreams of countless brides coming true, and that's what inspires me everyday.

What is Your Favorite Part of Your Job?


If I had to pick just one favorite part about my job, it would be the moment when a bride looks in the mirror, tears well up in her eyes, and she smiles, knowing that she's found the dress of her dreams. That instant, filled with pure happiness and excitement, is what makes it all worth it. It's about creating lasting memories that the bride will cherish forever.

What do You Like to do When You're Not Working?


When I’m not working, I am hanging out with my two dogs: Chunk and Athena. They usually keep me pretty busy, however when I’m not throwing the ball or playing tug-of-war, I am spending my time exploring the outdoors with my soon to be fiancé... Subtle, I know.

What is Your Favorite Part of a Wedding?


My favorite part of a wedding is seeing the grooms reaction to his beautiful bride walking down the aisle. I feel that moment is so intimate, almost private between the two as they silently acknowledge the beginning of the rest of their lives together. Love is its own language.

What Are You Excited for with Your Future at Legacy Bridal?


The knowledge I am exposed to. I am absolutely thrilled to work alongside brilliant women, soaking in as much of their expertise and advice as possible in such a “Girl Power” environment. I am excited to further that positive atmosphere and give our brides the experience they deserve!

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