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Meet Danielle... A.K.A: Dani!

Danielle is an amazing Bridal Stylist here at Legacy Bridal Boutique! She loves love and loves brides! She is such a warm and kind spirited person and makes everyone around her feel like family! When you get Dani as your Bridal Stylist, prepare to feel amazing and genuinely cared for!

What is Your Role at Legacy Bridal?


I am a Bridal Stylist at Legacy and I get to make each and every bride feel like the most beautiful version of themselves! I get to give brides an amazing and memorable experience they'll remember forever!

What Made You Want to Work in Bridal?


I have always been obsessed with weddings, dresses, and love! I am so happy I get to work in an industry surrounded by all of those things and I get to see brides be so happy when they put on their dream dress! I usually have to hold back my own tears when they say yes to the dress!

What is Your Favorite Part of Your Job?


My favorite part of the job is meeting brides and hearing their stories! I also love being surrounded by and learning from the other stylists. They are all amazing women! Our shop is like a little family and I am super lucky to be a part of it!

What do You Like to do When You're Not Working?


When I am not at Legacy Bridal, I am a special ed teacher! If I'm not here during summer, I am usually at the dog park with my pug, Spike! You can also find me swimming at the pool, making grilled cheese, coaching volleyball, or going to the movie theatre, I am a super movie nerd!

What is Your Favorite Part of a Wedding?


My absolute favorite part of a wedding is the speeches, especially the father of the bride. I always think about my dad and I can't wait until we can share that special moment. I know I will be a crying mess (even though he will for sure use the moment to embarrass me).

What Are You Excited for with Your Future at Legacy Bridal?


I can't wait to learn more about what goes into designing a wedding dress as well as how the dresses we see online end up in our store. I have gotten so excited every time we get new dresses. This is by far the dreamiest place to work and I have been so happy since I started here!

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