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What is Legacy Bridal Boutique?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The Legacy Bridal Journey

The saga unfolds and questions arise. How did Legacy Bridal Boutique come to be? What’s the story behind the name? This is the stuff that dreams are made of! Welcome to Sydney’s dream!

Meet Sydney. Sydney is smart, kind, humble and really beautiful (inside and out). Instead of being an entrepreneur, she could have easily been a model. Starting as a presser, trained to be a stylist and progressed to being the operations manager at Suzanne’s Bridal Boutique, Sydney learned the business the way a business should be learned, from the bottom up.

All the while Syd was training to be an Aesthetician. But bridal, as anyone in the industry knows, has a way of getting into your blood.

So, how did Legacy Bridal Boutique originate? When Syd woke up one day and realized there was something missing in her life....Brides.

Enter, Legacy Bridal Boutique. The name stems from Sydney's mentor, Suzanne. During the six years Sydney worked for her, she grew to understand the importance of great customer service, relationship building, and growing your clientele while having a servant’s heart. While working for Suzanne, Sydney saw brides bring back their daughters, granddaughters, relatives, friends. She learned that having a bride entrust you with the most important dress she will ever wear is a rich “legacy”, one that Sydney hopes to build for herself.

Meet Dan, aka “Diva Dan” who is Sydney’s amazing husband. Due to legalities, Suzanne was unable to help Sydney in the building or planning of her dream. But behind every good woman, there’s a man.

Dan wholeheartedly supports his wife in her dream! He built and engineered the private suites that are so integral to Sydney's mission, i.e., to provide the best shopping experience for her brides.

Legacy Bridal Boutique embodies the warmth, sincerity and passion that only someone like Sydney can bring to the table. And for a short time until she retires, you also get Suzanne with Suzanne's Sewing Service! Legacy Bridal Boutique and Suzanne’s Sewing Service are partnered in the same location striving to give all of Arizona’s brides unparalleled love and a stress-free wedding planning experience.

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