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Wedding Myths Debunked!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

You just got engaged and are ready to begin planning the big day! The first thing many do is head over to our good friend, Google, and start typing in the search bar about what to do! You will see and hear wedding tales constantly and some are great advice, and some can scare you and put your planning in a box!

The Legacy Team is here to debunk some of those myths/wives' tales to help make your wedding planning simple and stress-free!

Myth #1:


"I can't wear white if I've been married before or have children!"

This "tradition" of wearing white if you are "pure" gets told to us a thousand times! Believe it or not, most gowns today do not even come in white, but come in ivory and most people don't know the difference! Before people started associating the white dress with your purity status, it was really just a sign of wealth back in the day because they could afford to keep their dresses clean!

White wedding gowns were very uncommon even long ago! 200 years ago, brides would just wear their best dresses which tended to be richer in color or darker to hide stains, etc.

The way to look at your wedding dress shopping, is to choose what you want! Wear white! Wear black! Heck, even wear red and have the kids in white! It is your day and all that matters is how you feel in your dress! These pictures are forever, so be in a dress you feel the most confident in and love!

Myth #2:


"Our bridal parties have to be the same number!"

Is your fiancé the social butterfly, but you aren't? They can become best friends with everyone they meet and need to have them by their side on the wedding day, but you have always had your smaller core girls?

If the universe perfectly aligns and you both have the same number of people in your party, great! But more time then not, this is not the case!

This does not mean throw a random person in your party to match the numbers, they'll be in your wedding photos... forever....

Choose who you want in these photos forever! You can mix up the lineup and make your wedding even more unique! Have them walk down solo or staggered! Depending on the number difference, your guests who are there to celebrate you won't be counting how many are in each of your parties, they'll be looking at you and your soon-to-be-spouse!

Myth #3:


"This is my 1st stop, I can't say yes yet!"

Saying yes to your dress is a very big decision and we understand that! What many brides do not know, is as you try on dress, after dress, after dress, the gowns can begin to blur together. When this happens, dress shopping can get overwhelming and you can lose that feeling you had when you were in a dress that you loved!

The "FOMO" (Fear Of Missing Out) is understandably a fear for some brides and we get it! We believe when you know, you know! Just like when your fiancé asked you to marry them, you didn't have FOMO of another fiancé!

If you fall in love with a dress and can see yourself walking down the aisle in it, don't let doubt crowd your mind and take away this moment for you! At Legacy Bridal, we carry large selections of different styles/looks so you can try on a little bit of everything. This tends to take that "FOMO" away for you since you tried on everything you think you may want or think you may be scared to miss out on!

That's why, at Legacy Bridal Boutique, we focus on giving you an experience of a lifetime! The feeling you get of, "I'm a bride, I'm getting married," should begin the moment you walk through the shop doors, all the way until your standing in the dress of your dreams on the pedestals!

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